Mint your Cradles NFT pass for Steam EA. Mine crystal ores ahead of others!

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Gear Up, Gamers: Mint Your Exclusive Cradles NFT Pass for the Steam Early Access!

Hey there, gaming fam! The wait is finally over. Our baby, Cradles, is about to make a splash on Steam, and we’re rolling out the red carpet with our Early Access version. After two intense years of crafting this AAA beauty, it’s time to ask yourself: are you ready to throw down with dinos and make some prehistoric dust fly? We’re calling out to all the gaming die-hards and Web3 warriors to jump in on this adventure. And guess what? We’re throwing a Cradles NFT Pass into the mix for free, juicing up your game with some sweet, sweet player perks.

What’s This Cradles NFT Pass All About?

Alright, so Cradles is hitting Steam Early Access and everyone’s invited to the party. But hold up, there’s a VIP pass — the Cradles NFT Pass. This little gem hooks you up with the right to mine crystal ores in-game before anyone else. You gotta earn your stripes by leveling up your proficiency, but once you’ve got your NFT pass, you can light up the MINING CRYSTAL ORE talent and start raking in those shiny crystals.

Basically, with this pass, you’re jumping the queue to mine those glittering rocks during our Steam EA run. No pass? No sweat, you can still rock the game, but you’ll have to wait for the grand launch to start your mining empire.Again, anyone can join the EA version on Steam but the NFT holders can mine crystal ores in-game before anyone else.

Mark the date: November 12th

Mark the Mint Website:

The mint entry will be updated at the bottom of the official website.

And when’s the Steam launch? Mark the date: November 13th.

Who’s Getting In on This?

We’ve got 20,000 of these golden tickets, and here’s how you can snag one:

- If you’re a holder of BigTime, Otherside, Beacon, Matr1x NFTs — you’re in luck. You get first dibs. But it’s a race; we’ve only got 10,000 passes reserved for you high-rollers, so it’s a mad dash to claim yours.

List :

- Partner Reserves. We’re throwing a bone to our buddies in the biz — gaming communities, project collaborators, and the investor crew get a slice of the pass pie.

  • Beta Testers&Cradles NFT Holders. you beautiful trailblazers, are automatically on the list.


- Community Love. Keep your eyes peeled on the Cradles community spaces during mint time. We’ll be tossing out passes like candy at a parade.

Cover Your Costs on Steam, Courtesy of $SCRDS

Here’s the deal: Steam’s got rules. Free games can not be listed on Steam, so we can’t list Cradles as a free-to-play without some tricks up our sleeve.

But here’s the kicker: we don’t believe in barriers. We want you all in, no holds barred. That’s why the Cradles Team is flipping the bill. We’re dropping enough $SCRDS tokens your way to cover your Steam entrance fee.

So, lace-up your virtual boots, and prep for a world where history’s wildest creatures roam. Keep an eye out for our Steam download guide, mint that shiny NFT pass, and step into the arena with Cradles on Steam Early Access. Let’s rock the prehistoric world together!

About Cradles
Cradles stands out as an AAA MMORPG blockchain game, boasting features such as PvP, PvE, ecological strategies, and the discovery of extinct species. Gamers can traverse cities, hunt for treasures, and solve puzzles in bustling taverns and casinos. Cradles has secured $6 million from notable investors such as Animoca Brands, Huobi Ventures, Foresight Ventures, and more.





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