Cradles Weekly Report

2 min readNov 14, 2022


7–13 November 2022

From roundtable discussions to new connections, and our founder’s first published post on Hacker Noon, our weeks just don’t get any busier. As always, we give you a look behind the scenes on what’s new at Cradles: Origin of Species (dynamic weather ftw!).

Welcome, Cradian, to our 31st issue of the weekly development report!

Game development

  1. Tested Cradles reward quests
  2. Tested Cradles performance
  3. Fixed enchantment bugs
  4. Created fully dynamic physical weather system
  5. Mapping of Cradles economic system to realistic economic entities
  6. Adjusted the effect of changing weapons during pledges
  7. Adjusted Cradles pledge ratio and its revenue curve

Game Design

  1. Designed casino props
  2. Improved sketches of the auction house interior and exterior
  3. Designed skills and moves of dual-wielding one-handed swords
  4. Designed pet NPC moves
  5. Designed day and night weather
  6. Refined the sand table of Curvitan city-state
  7. Designed six two-handed knife weapon icons
  8. Designed monsters, houses, fortresses, and scenes in the wilderness of Curvitan city-state

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